Within Teamwork Projects, you can populate new projects from project templates on your site.

Go to the Projects area at the top of your site and click Add Project in the upper right corner.

Note: Only users with permission to add projects can create projects from a template.

In the Add Project modal, click the Choose Template link below the project description.

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You can search a list of your existing templates, and select the one you want to use. Once selected, you will be able to choose either a start or end date for the project.

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Clicking Apply Template will bring you to the additional project options, such as company, people, content, and features.

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Features and content

In the Features & Content tab, you can adjust which project sections you want enabled for the new project.

Additionally, you can choose which of the template's existing project items, such as tasks or task lists, to include and exclude.

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When setting a date for the project in the Dates tab, you can specify whether the project should start or end on that selected date.
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The dropdown at the top of the Dates tab allows you to control how task and milestone dates in the template should be applied to the project:

  • Allow task and milestone dates to fall on weekends.
  • Don't include Saturdays and Sundays when calculating new dates.
  • Calculate new due dates but keep tasks and milestones off weekends.


You can also enable a Chat channel when creating a project from a template via the Advanced tab in the project modal.

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Note: Project templates are available on per-user Pro (max 20 templates), per-user Premium (max 50 templates), and per-user Enterprise (unlimited templates).

For more information, see: Adding a project