Within Teamwork.com, you can create a Teamwork Desk ticket directly from a task.

Note: The Teamwork Desk option will only be displayed on tasks if Teamwork Desk has been enabled for your site.

In any tasks List view on your site, hover over the relevant task to reveal the task options. A Teamwork Desk icon will appear to the right of the task name. When you hover over this icon, a pop-up will open with an option to create a ticket.

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When a task already has one or multiple tickets attached, the Teamwork Desk icon will be visible without the need to hover over the task.

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Hovering over the Teamwork Desk icon will show links to the associated ticket(s) in the pop-up. The Create a ticket option will be in the bottom left.

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Clicking the create button will open a quick view pane on the right-hand side of the page.

The quick view includes all of the ticket options you would see when creating a ticket directly in Teamwork Desk. You can choose to create a ticket (without notifying the customer) or send a message to the customer.

In addition to selecting a customer and message, you can also set ticket properties such as inbox, status, and assignee.

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Once you have populated the ticket details, click the Send Message / Create Ticket button at the bottom of the quick view pane.

To create a ticket while in board view, click the relevant task card to open the task details quick view. You can then select the Teamwork Desk icon to the right of the task name.

For more information, see: Filtering Tasks by Desk Ticket