Within Teamwork.com, you can add task lists in a project to group tasks together.

Note: You can't add a task to a project without adding it to a task list.

When creating a task list, you will need to specify a task list name. You also have some additional options:

  • Templates - select a task template to populate the task list.
  • Notes - add a task list description or any other relevant notes.
  • Privacy - choose which project members can see the list.
  • Milestone - associated the task list with a milestone.
    • Note: An individual task list cannot be associated with more than one milestone at a time.
  • Defaults
    • Pin this task list - pin the task list so it remains open even after all of its tasks have been completed.
    • Time - choose a default billable setting for time logged on the project.
    • Defaults for new tasks - set default values for properties of new tasks added to the list, such as assignee, privacy, start/end dates, and priority.

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Once you create the task list, you can view the task list options menu by clicking the three dots to the right of the task list name.

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You can edit, delete, or make a copy of the list, or move it to another project. You can also sort the tasks within the list, bulk edit those tasks, add new tasks or view the email address for posting tasks via email.


The Templates section allows you (depending on your user permissions) to manage task templates, save the task list as a new template, or add tasks to the list from an existing template.

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You also have some reporting options within the task list:

  • Task List Report - generate a report of tasks within the list.
    • You can specify which tasks you want to include/exclude, such as completed, assigned to, or ones without a due date.
    • Export options: Excel, PDF
  • Time Report
    • Shows all time logged on the list, including billable, non-billable and estimated time
      • You can specify a specific date range for which you wish to view the time logs.
    • Export options: Excel, CSV

For more information, see: Creating a Task List