Within Teamwork.com, you can create individual tasks in the task lists on your projects.

To add a new task, go to the List area of your project.

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Click the Add a Task button at the bottom of the task list to add a new task. You will need to add a name for the task before the option to save is enabled.

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Beneath the task name, you can also choose to add other details before saving:

  • What needs to be done: Your name for the task. 
    • You can use shortcodes in the task title field to quickly assign task properties.
      • For example, typing @ will open an assignee dropdown where you can click a person, team, or company to assign to the task.
  • Task details: 
    • Assignee: A task can be assigned to an individual, multiple people, teams, companies or Anyone
      • Notify by email: Once you have assigned a task to at least one person, you can use this option to notify them by email.
        • If the task is assigned to you only, you will get an email notification. If the task is assigned to multiple people including you, you won't get notified but the other people will.
    • Start and due date: Choose a start date and a due date for the task.
    • Description: Provide a description for the task, be as detailed as you wish to help the user complete the task. If you add a URL to this area, it will show as a clickable link. You can also use markdown to format the task description text.
  • Files: Select files to be attached to the task. These files will be available to access from the task itself and will also be available through the project's Files tab.
    • You can upload (drag and drop or browse and select), attach tasks already uploaded to the project files area, and also associate files from any of the file storage integrations you've enabled on your project, like Google Drive or Dropbox.  
  • Priority: Set a priority for the task. Once the task is created, a colored flag will appear beside it indicating the priority level (red for high, yellow for medium, and green for low).
  • Progress & Time: Enter how much time you think it will take to complete the task. The person working on the task can adjust the progress percentage based on how much of the task they feel is completed.
    • Note: Setting progress to 100% will automatically complete the task.
  • Followers: Select people to follow the task - you can choose if they are to receive all notifications, only status changes, or only comments.
  • Tags: Create tags or choose from existing tags. You can then use the tag to filter tasks in various areas within your project or site.
  • More:
    • Dependencies: Select predecessors for the task using the add dependency option. Dependency relationships can be start-start, start-finish, or finish-finish.
    • Repeats: Choose when and how often you want the task to repeat. You must have a due date entered for the task for this option to work.
      • A new repeat will not be displayed until the previous task is completed unless you choose to create it manually.
    • Privacy: Select the people who you wish to be able to view the task (an exception in all cases is an administrator in the owner company). If the privacy option is greyed out, it means that the privacy is being set automatically from the task list privacy settings.  
    • Reminders: You can set an sms, email, or mobile push notification to remind those assigned to complete it from this area.
      • If the task has a due date set, you can set the date of the reminder based on the due date of the task.
    • Board column: Choose an existing task board to associate with the task.
    • Custom fields: Apply existing task custom fields to the task or create a new one.
      • Note: Custom fields are available on per-user Premium/Grow subscriptions and above.

Using shortcodes

You can also quickly assign certain task properties using shortcodes in the task name field when creating or editing a task. 

When you type a supported shortcode, a dropdown will open allowing you to select a corresponding value. You can use your mouse to click the relevant option or use your keyboard arrows to move up and down the list and press Enter once the relevant option is highlighted.

Click Save Changes to create or update the task.

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Shortcode options

  • # - Tag
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  • ! - Priority
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  • @ - Assignee
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  • [ - Dates
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  • ~ - Estimated time
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For more information, see: Creating a Task for Multiple Users