Within Teamwork, you can attach a file to any task that you have access to. You can do this on an existing task or when creating a new task.

Adding a file to an existing task

To add a file to an existing task, hover over the task assignee field and click the edit pencil.

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In edit mode, select the paperclip icon to open the task's Files tab.

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You can choose to upload files from various areas:

  • Add Files - upload new files to the project from files stored on your computer.
  • Select from Existing Files - allows you to choose from files already uploaded to the project's Files area.
  • Integrations - If you have any file storage integrations enabled on your project, you will be able to add files directly from one of those.

Selecting existing files will allow you to search by file name, filter by category, and switch between list view or grid view. 

You can choose one or multiple files to add to the task using the checkboxes on the right, and also view details of each file by clicking the icon.

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Click Select Files to attach the files to your task. You will see the file under the files area of the task along with the category it belongs to.

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Once you have attached the relevant files, select Save Changes to update the task.

To remove a file, remove the tick from the checkbox to the left of the file name. 

Adding a file to a new task

You can also add a file directly to a task when you are first creating the task.

To do this, open the Files tab of the task by selecting the paperclip icon.

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You will then have the options to add a new file, select from existing project files, or choose from an integration (if enabled).

For more information, see: Uploading Files in the Files Area