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  • Set Billable Time Defaults
    ✔ Available on all subscriptions What Choose a default preference (billable or non-billable) for time logged to a project and its tasks. Go further by setting defaults for task lists as well.
  • Setting Defaults from an Existing Task
    Within, you can set defaults from an existing task so the properties of that task will be used as the default for all new tasks created in the task list.
  • Setting Defaults for Tasks in a Task List
    In either the Edit Task List or Add Task List modal, you can customize the default settings for new tasks via the Defaults tab.
  • Setting Default Projects for New Users
    Within, you can set default projects for new users to be added to automatically.
  • Setting Default Permissions for New Users
    Within, you can choose the default permissions that will be automatically applied when adding a new user to your site.
  • Using Templates and Default Settings for Your Site
    Default task lists You can create default task lists which will be added as an empty task list in any new projects.
  • Setting a Default User for Items Created via Email
    Within, you can set a default user to assign to emails sent from addresses not registered on your site.
  • Task Lists
    Defaults Pin this task list - pin the task list so it remains open even after all of its tasks have been completed. Time - choose a default billable setting for time logged on the project.
  • Adding Followers to Project Items
    Setting default followers You can also choose to set default followers for new tasks added to a task list. Hover over the task list name and click the three dots to the right of the task list name.
  • Setting Start and End Dates on a Project
    If there are tasks already populated in your project, the dates will default to take those tasks' dates into account. You can override these defaults to set specific ones.
  • Work with Project Items in Slack
    Manage default settings You can set certain default items to be selected automatically when creating items via Slack. Go to a channel in your Slack workspace.
  • Copying or Moving a Task
    Any defaults applied to the original task will be inherited unless specifically amended from the default value. In which case, the new value will be copied.
  • Create a Task List
    More defaults: pin a list, decide if tasks should be billable or non-billable by default, and set property values . 💡 Did you know that you can also create a task list from a template ?
  • Create and Manage Board View Columns
    Choose a default task list to add new cards to. 📝 When set, the modify task list trigger overrides the default task list. Sort column by a particular task/card property.
  • Track Time Against Tasks and Projects
    It defaults to the current date. Review the time log's assignees. You are selected by default. Click the + on the current assignee's right to change the assignee or select multiple people.
  • Logging Time via Email
    Format: {Task description text #TagName #[Tag name with multiple words]} Example: [30m] {Content review #Admin #[Content Review]} Billable time By default, time logged via email will be marked as non-billable
  • Project Notification Settings
    Within, you can choose the default notification settings for each project in the project's notifications settings.
  • Working with the WYSIWYG Editor in Messages and Comments
    In the paragraph formatting, you can switch to default heading styles 1 to 6. Inline text formatting options: superscript, subscript, code. Text block options: paragraph, blockquote, text, pre.
  • Track Time with Timers
    Date Defaults to the current date. Click the date to open the date picker and select an alternative date. Who As the person who started the timer, you're the time log assignee by default.
  • Working with the Notebooks Editor
    Within, the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor will be enabled by default as the editor for your notebooks.
  • Changing General Project Settings
    General Settings Under General Settings , you can update project information and default preferences. These settings affect all project members.
  • Creating a Notebook
    Note: The editor type default is based on the type used in the last created notebook.
  • Setting Task and Milestone Permissions
    task lists and edit the properties of existing task lists in the project such: Update the task list name Add notes Edit the task list's privacy Add/remove milestone from the list Pin the task list Set defaults
  • Adding a Team
    Set a custom logo: Choose from the default set of icons and colors or upload your own image. Members - add the relevant users on your site to the team.
  • Retainer Project Budgets
    Level up: Set advanced options before clicking Create retainer budget: Default billable rate: Set a default billable rate for the project.