Within Teamwork, you can create task lists in your projects to group related tasks together.

To create a new task list, go to the List area of your project and click the Add Task List button in the top right.

Note: The ability to create task lists is dependent on your project permissions.

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The Add Task List modal will open where you will need to give the list a name.

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Additional task list options

  • Template - select an existing task list template to populate the task list.
  • Notes - add any notes about this task list.
  • Privacy - select who you want to be able to view this task list. Tasks will inherit this privacy.
  • Milestone - select a milestone to attach your task list to.
    • You can associate multiple task lists with a single milestone, but each task list can only be attached to one milestone.
    • Note: The Milestone tab will only appear in the Add Task List modal if the milestones feature is enabled for the project.
  • Defaults - this allows you to select default values for task details like assignee, due date, tags, followers or description to all new tasks added to the task list instead of having to set them each time you add a new task.
    • You can also use the pin task list option in this tab which will keep the task list open even when there are no tasks or all the existing tasks have been completed.
Note: It is not possible to add tasks to a project without adding them to a task list.

For more information, see: Task List Options