Within Teamwork, you can set default values on your task list to be applied to tasks added to the list.

Note: Defaults are only applied to new tasks created in a task list. Tasks copied or moved to a task list will not inherit the task list's default settings.

When creating a new task list, you can choose the values to be applied under the Defaults tab.

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To edit the defaults for an existing task list, hover over the task list name and click the options button (three dots) to the right. Select Edit List from the dropdown menu.

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In the Edit Task List modal, go to the Defaults tab.

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In the Defaults tab when creating or editing a task list, click the Edit button in the top right to open the task defaults modal.

You can navigate between the different task property tabs to set specific defaults for those properties.

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The defaults you choose will apply to the individual tasks added to the task list.

  • Who should do this - choose specific people, companies, or teams to be assigned to tasks. 
  • Start date - Day 1 (Today), Day 2 (Tomorrow), through to day 365.
  • Due date - Day 1 (Today), Day 2 (Tomorrow), through to day 365.
  • Description
  • Privacy
  • Priority
  • Estimated time
  • Followers - choose specific people, companies, or teams to be added as followers of tasks in the task list. You can also customize which updates they receive:
    • All notifications
    • Task changes
    • Comments
  • Reminders
    • A default due date is required to be set before you can set default reminders.
  • Tags
  • Board column
  • Custom fields 
    • Note: Custom fields are available on per-user Premium/Grow subscriptions and above.

At the bottom of the task defaults modal, you can use the toggle option to choose whether these defaults should be applied to any existing tasks in the task list.

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Click Save Changes to update the selected defaults and return to the Edit List modal where you will also need to click Save Changes to update the task list settings.

Tasks created via email will also inherit these default values unless you specify different values using supported task commands.

Using an existing task to set defaults

You can also set defaults from an existing task, using that task's properties as the default for all new tasks created in the task list.

Hover over the task and click the three dots on the left. From the dropdown menu, select Use as Task Default.

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For more information, see: Using Task List Templates