Within Teamwork.com, you can create teams to manage groups of people on your site.

Using teams, you can easily replicate your organization's structure and group people on your site based on their position or contributing role to a project. When delegating work, you can then assign items to specific teams.

To create a team, select the More option in the main navigation menu on the left of your site and choose Teams from the pop-out menu.

Note: Site administrators and users with permission to manage people and companies can create and manage teams.

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To create a new team, click the Add Team button in the upper right corner.

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A new modal will open where you can populate the team's details.

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Available options include:

  • Details:
    • Give the team a name.
    • Choose a handle the team can be mentioned using.
      • Note: The team's handle can only contain lowercase characters and/or numbers.
    • Set a custom logo:
      • Choose from the default set of icons and colors or upload your own image.
  • Members - add the relevant users on your site to the team.
  • Projects - choose a default set of projects that any member of that team should automatically get access to when they become a team member.
    • Note: Default projects are available on the per-user Premium/Grow plans and above.
  • Advanced - set a description.
    • If you are on the per-user Premium/Grow subscription plans or higher, you can also:
      • Associate the team with a company.
      • Make the team a subteam of existing team - users added to a subteam will automatically become members of any teams above it in the team hierarchy.

Adding a company team

In the Advanced tab of the Add Team modal, you have the option to associate the team with a specific company.

This allows you to restrict potential team members to only users within the selected company.

Note: Company teams are available on the per-user Premium/Grow plans and above.

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For more information, see: Adding a Project Team