Within Teamwork, you can move or copy tasks to a different task list on the same project or a different one.

In Table view, click the three dots to the right of the task and select Move or Copy from the pop-up menu.

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In List view, hover over the relevant task to reveal the options button (three dots).

Copying a task

In the task modal, select Copy this Task from the Move or Copy dropdown. You will then be able to select a destination project and task list.

You can also choose whether to make the copied task a subtask of an existing task, as well as include any completed subtasks associated with the original task being copied.

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  • To make a copy of a task in the same project as the original task, you will still need to select that project as the destination.
  • Any time logs, comments, project-specific items, and custom fields associated with the task will not be copied over to the new task. Any attached files and privacy settings will be copied to the new task.
  • Any defaults applied to the original task will be inherited unless specifically amended from the default value. In which case, the new value will be copied. 
    • Example - If a task has a default priority set as low, however prior to copying, the priority has been amended to high, the high priority value will be copied to the new task.  

Moving a task

In the task modal, select Move from the Move or Copy dropdown. You can move the task to another list in the same project or to a list in another project.

Note: Any comments, time logs and files attached to the task will be moved with the task. Project-specific items such as tags and custom fields will not be moved.

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When choosing a destination task list to move/copy the task to, you can either select an existing task list or create a new task list from the move/copy task modal.

Selecting the Add Task List option from the dropdown menu will open a new modal to enter the new task list details. 

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For more information, see: Bulk Editing Tasks