Within Teamwork Projects, you can sort the order of the tasks within each task list in your project.

Go to the Tasks area of your project, and to the left of the task list's name, click the options down arrow.

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Under Sort tasks you will have the option to sort by:

  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Date Created
  • Person Responsible
  • Priority
  • Task Name
  • Estimated Time

Note: When changing the sort order of a task list, it will only affect that list. It will not apply to the other task lists in your project.

You can also click and drag the tasks to manually reorder them. Hovering your cursor on a task will reveal a drag icon to the far left of the task name.

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Note: Sorting tasks in a task list is a once-off action. If you apply a filter to the tasks area, for example, the previous sorting will no longer be active.

For more information see: Task list options