Within Teamwork.com, you can quickly assign a task to a user, team, or company on your project.

Selecting a team or company as the assignee for a task will assign the task to all current members of that team or company.

When creating a new task, enter the @ symbol in the What needs to be done field and start typing the user, team or company name to search for results. You can also scroll through the dropdown list and select to relevant option.

The mention feature can be used to assign multiple individual teams, companies, and/or individuals to the task.

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Once multiple assignees are selected, you will see an additional option to create a task for each assignee.

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When this option is selected, each individual user assigned will get their own task, while a single task will be created for each assigned team or company as a group.

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Note: The option to create a task for each assignee is only available when creating new tasks, not when editing existing ones.

For more information, see: Creating a Task for Multiple Users