Within Teamwork Desk, you can create ticket templates to store responses you may use frequently.

Each template you create can contain important ticket properties such as subject line, message body, ticket options, and applicable custom fields.

You and your team can use your ticket templates to quickly populate these properties in new tickets as they are being created.

Note: Ticket templates are available on the Premium subscription plan and above.


  • Site administrators on your site can create and manage ticket templates. 
  • Inbox administrators can create and manage ticket templates for inboxes where they are an admin.
  • By default, standard agents cannot create or manage ticket templates. Enable the site-level agent permission to manage ticket templates to allow template access for all agents on your site. 

Creating ticket templates

Click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

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In the General settings, select the Ticket Templates tab in the left navigation pane and click the Add ticket template button.

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In the template builder, you can fill out the same ticket options as you would in the new ticket form:

  • General - set a template name (required) and description.
  • Permissions - make the template available only to specific inboxes.
  • Fields - set the default ticket properties to be populated when the template is applied to a new ticket.

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When you select specific inboxes to have access to the template, any custom fields associated with each inbox will become visible at the bottom of the template builder form.

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Similarly to the default ticket fields, you can also populate values for these custom fields in the template.

Note: Each inbox can have different custom fields applied. Therefore, when a template containing custom fields is applied to a new ticket, only the custom fields associated with the selected inbox will be included.

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Individual inboxes

You can also create templates via an individual inbox's settings.

Note: Inbox settings are only accessible to site administrators and inbox administrators for the relevant inbox. Enabling the site-level permission for agents to manage ticket templates will not give them access to the inbox-level templates area.

When creating a template via an individual inbox, you are not required to select an associated inbox.

  • The new template will only be visible in the current inbox's templates area if you explicitly select the inbox to be associated with the template.
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Applying a ticket template

When using the new ticket form to create a ticket, an additional Template field will be visible at the top of the form.

Once you select a template, any ticket properties that were filled out in the template will be applied to the corresponding fields in the new ticket form.

Note: The Template dropdown will only display templates currently associated with the inbox that is selected in the Inbox field.

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For more information, see: Creating a New Ticket or Message