Within Teamwork Desk, you can view and manage all ticket templates in your site settings.

Note: Ticket templates are available on the Premium subscription plan and above.


  • Site administrators on your site can create and manage ticket templates. 
  • Inbox administrators can create and manage ticket templates for inboxes where they are an admin.
  • By default, standard agents cannot create or manage ticket templates.

To allow standard agents to manage ticket templates, go to the Site Settings tab of your site's General settings.

Scroll to the Agent permissions subsection and select the Can manage ticket templates checkbox.

Note: This setting will apply to all agents (both full-time and part-time) across all of your inboxes.

Managing ticket templates

Click your profile icon in the top right of your site and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

In the General settings, select the Ticket Templates tab in the left navigation pane to view the existing templates.

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For each existing template, you will see the template name, last updated by, created by, and associated inbox(es).

You can hover over the associated agent name in the Updated By or Created By column to see when the template was created or updated.

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Hovering over the inbox count will show a list of the inboxes with access to the template.

When you hover over an individual template in the list, additional options will become visible on the right-hand side.

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These options include:

  • Share - update the individual inboxes associated with the template.
  • Edit - open the template builder to edit the template properties.
  • Clone - make a copy of the template.
  • Delete - delete the template.

Individual inboxes

You can also manage templates via an individual inbox's settings.

Note: Inbox settings are only accessible to site administrators and inbox administrators for the relevant inbox. Enabling the site-level permission for agents to manage ticket templates will not give them access to the inbox-level templates area.

The inbox-level templates area will only display templates that have been explicitly associated with the inbox.

For more information, see: Creating Ticket Templates