Within Teamwork Desk, you can create new tasks in your Teamwork.com projects directly from a ticket.

🔑 Teamwork.com permissions
Your ability to create projects, task lists, or tasks via Desk tickets is dependent on your Teamwork.com permissions:

Access the task form

  1. Select Tickets from Teamwork Desk's main navigation menu.
  2. Navigate to the relevant inbox.
  3. Click the relevant ticket in the list to view it.
  4. Switch to the ticket's Tasks tab.
  5. Click Add task.
    💡 You can also press t on your keyboard to open the add task modal, or click the three dots at the top of the ticket and select Add Task from the dropdown.

Link an existing task

  1. Click the project dropdown and select a project.
  2. Click the task list dropdown and select a task list.
    💡 Alternatively, copy the task's URL from your Teamwork.com site and paste it into the Quickly add task by ID or URL field at the top of the task form.
  3. Switch to the Existing Tasks tab.
  4. Click a task to highlight it. Hold cmd on your keyboard while clicking to select multiple tasks.

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  5. Click Add selected tasks.

Create a new task

  1. Click the project dropdown and select a destination project.
    📖 Want to create the task in a new project or task list? Learn more
  2. Click the task list dropdown and select a destination task list. 
    📝 Only active and pinned task lists are accessible in the Task List dropdown.
  3. Enter a task name.

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  4. Switch between the different task property tabs to fill out any other (optional) task details you need (ex.assign the task, set task dates, add to a board column).
  5. Select the description tab (Image Placeholder) to include ticket information in the task description.
    1. Ticket ID: Include the ticket URL as a clickable link in the task description.
    2. Customer details: Include the customer's name, email, company, job title, and cell phone to the bottom of the task description.
    3. Customer message: Include the customer's most recent reply.
    4. Custom fields: Include any custom field information associated with the ticket. This option is only displayed if at least one custom field is active for the chosen inbox.
  6. Click Create task.

Create a subtask

When creating a new task, you can choose to make it a subtask of an existing task.

  1. Click Select parent task on the task name field's right.
  2. Select an existing task to apply as the parent task.
  3. Click Select.

Once a parent task is selected, it is noted on the task name field's right.

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Quick add tasks 

Use the Quick Add Tasks option to create multiple tasks on a ticket. This is also accessible from the ticket details panel on a ticket thread's right.

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For more information, see: Quickly Adding Tasks to a Ticket