Within Teamwork Desk, you can verify your domain by adding DNS records to your domain.

We cannot send emails from Desk to your customers using your email address without your permission. If we did, it would have a high chance of either being marked as spam or our servers being blocked by the major email providers. 

Without setting this up, your emails will go out with a message saying they are sent via teamworkdesk.com, from a different address. That address will be support=company@teamworkdesk.com (based on an inbox email address of the format support@company.com).

Note: If you choose to use your own SMTP server to send emails from Desk, you do not need to worry about giving us permission to send emails on your behalf.

You will need to add three new records to your DNS through your domain provider (usually you'll have a control panel to do this on the site where you registered your domain, such as GoDaddy). Your domain provider should be able to provide support relating to this.

Click your profile icon in the top right of the main navigation bar and choose Settings from the dropdown menu.

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In the settings area, select the Inboxes tab and click the relevant inbox in the list to view the inbox.

While viewing the individual inbox, select Email Settings from the left navigation pane.

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In the Sending Email subsection at the bottom of the email settings, hover over the how to send emails field and click the edit pencil.

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You will see a Check verification button to the bottom of the screen. When you select this you will see the details of the records that you need to add.

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Add the CNAME records in your DNS settings (the details in the Record fields are what you put in the Data field although they may be labelled differently in your control panel). 

Once you have done this successfully, we'll be able to guarantee much more reliable delivery of your email responses to your customers! It'll also help your replies to avoid being marked as spam.

Note: It can take up to 48 hours for the changes made to your DNS to become visible across the web, so you may have to be patient when clicking the test buttons respectively in the email settings section of your inbox in Desk.

For more information, see: Third Party Forwarding