Within Teamwork Desk there is a REST API available for connecting your own applications.

To authenticate first generate your API key here, then simply pass this API key as the password for HTTP Basic authentication as the username. The password field is ignored, and can be left empty or set to any text.

Note: Don't forget to prefix the URLs with /desk; so it should be /desk/v1/tickets/search.json, and not /v1/tickets/search.json (that makes a call to the Teamwork API).

Integrating with third party applications

You can use our API to integrate Teamwork Desk with other applications.

There are also some integrations already available on Zapier.

You can find code examples for common tasks on Github, as well as steps to setting up forwarding in cPanel on our help docs site.

Note: The Desk API currently does not work in browsers.

For more information, see: Teamwork Desk API reference documentation