Within Teamwork Desk, incoming messages are filtered for spam just like any other system that handles email.

We use Rspamd servers for spam filtering using the recommended rules as they are updated by Rspamd.

We also use a real-time domain block lookup service to help improve accuracy. Every new email (not replies) that comes into Teamwork Desk is run through our Spam servers. If they score over the threshold, they will be marked as spam and added to the Spam folder in your inbox, rather than as a New ticket. 

We are constantly improving this filtering to make sure that it is as intelligent as possible, but you can take steps to ensure that you avoid false-positives. Here are some of the things you can control:

  • Moving tickets in and out of spam helps "train" the spam filter to treat similar messages correctly in future.
  • You can allow or block email addresses based on domain, address, or subject through Company Settings > Spam Control.
  • You can check the Spam folder regularly as no spam filter is perfect and there is always a chance genuine emails can mistakenly get flagged as spam.
For more information, see: Using Spam Thresholds