Within Teamwork, you can customize the default billable setting for time logs on your projects and task lists.

By default, each task list in a project will inherit the billable setting chosen for the project.

Note: Billable defaults will not be applied when time is logged via email, the Teamwork mobile app, or the Teamwork Desktop Timer app.

Project default setting

When creating or editing a project, you can choose whether all time logs should default to billable or non-billable.

In the add or edit project modal, go to the Advanced Options step where you will see a setting for Time.

Using the checkbox to the left of the Billable option, you can update the default for the project. Click Update Project to save your changes.

When checked, the corresponding Billable checkbox in the time logging modal on the project will be set to billable by default each time a project member logs time.

Note: Users logging time will still be able to update the preference for the individual time log in this modal.

Task list default setting

You can also set a billable default preference for individual task lists on a project.

In the project's List or Table area, click the three dots to the right of the task list name and select Edit List from the dropdown menu.

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In the task list options modal, go to the Defaults tab where you will see an option for Time. Each task list will automatically inherit the project's overall setting.

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To override the project setting for the current task list, select the Set task list setting option. You will then be able to switch between billable and non-billable.

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For more information, see: Editing Project Details