Within Teamwork Projects, you can create a task and assign it to multiple users.

When creating a new task, you will see an option for Multiple People below the assignee dropdown. Selecting this will open a list of users on the project you can choose from.

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Click Done to set the assignees. This will create a single task with multiple users assigned. Any one of the assigned users can mark the task complete.

Each person must do this

If you have a task that requires every assignee to work on individually, you can use the Each person must do this option to create multiple instances of the task.

Note: This option is only available when a task is first being created, not when existing tasks are being edited.

When creating a task, click the Multiple People option below the assignee field. Select the users to assign to the task, then check the Each selected person must do this option at the bottom of the list.

Click Done to add the assignee, then click Save Changes to create the task. Once you save the new task, you will see separate new tasks are created for each individual user selected to do the task. 

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You can also use the @mention feature to assign users to a task. Once you type @, a dropdown will appear for you to choose from users and roles on your project.

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Once you have mentioned the relevant users, click the Multiple People option and select Each person must do this to create separate tasks for each user.

For more information, see: Adding tasks within the task area