Within Teamwork, you can create automations to streamline your processes with tasks.

Automation limits

The number of times automations on your projects can execute in any given month will depend on your subscription plan. You can view your usage via the Usage tab in the Automations modal. 

Free Forever / Legacy

Creating automations

Automations are available at project level via the List section of each project. 

Note: Automations can only be viewed, created, and managed by owner company site level administrators.

While viewing the List area of a project, click the Automate button in the top right.

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The Automations modal will allow you to choose from a gallery of pre-defined automation templates. Hover over a template and click Use Template. 

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In the Create automation view, the When section controls the source trigger that should initiate the corresponding response action.

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By default, the current project will be selected. You can choose to apply the automation to one or multiple projects. 

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Depending on the automation template chosen, you will also be able to choose the trigger conditions. 

Note: The trigger type cannot be edited as this is determined by the selected template.

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The Then section allows you to add an action that should be carried out automatically once the trigger event occurs.

Note: Any actions relating to notifying users or adding/changing assignees require the selected user(s) to be a member of the project. 

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In the top right of the Create automation modal, you can toggle the automation to be active or inactive. 

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At the bottom of the modal you will see an automation description out lining both the trigger and conditions along with the action of the automation. 

Click Create to complete the automation. 

The automation will then be listed in the Manage tab of the Automations modal where you can edit, delete, or toggle activation.

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In this example, a comment will be added to any task on the selected project(s) when the task's priority is changed from low to medium.

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For more information, see: Managing Automations