Within Teamwork, you can create project templates to populate future projects.

Go to the Projects area at the top of your site and select the Templates tab.

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To create a new template, click the Add Template button in the top right.

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At the top of the template modal, you can add a name for the template. Click More Options to add other template details such as company and people.

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Note: Any details you add to the template will automatically be inherited by the projects you create from the template unless you specify otherwise when creating a new project from the template.


You can use the description field to add a summary for the template's purpose. The description area allows you to use the advanced markdown editor. 

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In the Company tab, you can select which company (owner or external) should be associated with projects created from the template.

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Via the People tab, you can select certain users, companies, or teams you would like to be added each time a new project is created from the template. You can also set a project owner at the bottom of this tab.

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Note: Client users can only be added to project templates associated with their company. If you later change the company, affected client users will be removed.


In the Dates tab, you can set a target date for the template. You can choose to set:

  • Starts on
  • Ends on 

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You can set a project category and tags in the Advanced tab. Customers on our Enterprise subscription plan also have access to privacy on project templates via the Advanced tab. 

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Note: Template projects cannot have a Chat channel enabled. The option is hidden in the add modal and in the template‚Äôs project settings.

Custom fields

For customers on per-user Premium subscription plans and above, you will also see a tab for Custom Fields which allows you to apply project custom fields to your project template.

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Once you have added the relevant template details, click Add Project Template to create the template.  You will then be brought directly to the template project.

When viewing a project template, you will see a blue banner across the top indicating it is a template and allowing you to create a new project directly from it.

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Once the template has been created, you can start adding the relevant project items such as tasks, milestones, messages, and links. Any items you create will automatically be populated in future new projects created from the template unless you choose to exclude them.

When you create messages in a template project, there is no option to notify users of the message. The message will be added to new projects and available to browse but no one will be notified that there is a message when the project is created from the template.

Note: Time logs cannot be added to a project template.

Relative dates

When creating tasks and milestones in a template, the associated dates are handled as relative dates.

  • There is no calendar picker to specify exact task or milestone dates
  • You choose Day 1, Day 2, etc. to set the dates in the template
  • When it comes to applying the template, those dates will then be applied based on the project's dates/
    • E.g. A task in your template is set to start on Day 3, and you create a new project from the template, starting on September 3rd (day 1). When the template is applied, that task's start date becomes September 5th (day 3).

Creating templates from existing projects

In addition to new project templates, you can also create templates from existing projects on your site.

Click the options button (three dots) to the right of the project name and select Save as Template from the Manage Project section of the dropdown.

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In the template modal, you can choose which items to include in the template, such as tasks, files, and milestones.

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You can also access:

  • Options
    • Make me the creator of tasks and milestones copied 
    • Copy comments
    • Copy Followers
    • Copy project roles
  • Company
    • Choose a company to associate with the project.

Once you have chosen your preferences for the template, click Save as Template.

Note: Project templates are available on per-user Pro (max 20 templates), per-user Premium (max 50 templates), and per-user Enterprise (unlimited templates).

For more information, see: Creating a Project from a Template