Within Teamwork, you can view, edit, and manage existing automations via any of your projects. 

Note: Automations can only be viewed, created, and managed by administrators and standard users in the owner company.

While viewing the Table or List area of a project, click the Automate button in the top right to open the Automations modal.

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Once automations have been created, they can be viewed in the Manage Automations tab of the Automations modal. 

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This tab will show all automations created across your site regardless of their associated project(s). Each automation card will show: 

  • The automation icons for both the trigger and automatic action
  • A description of the automation
  • List the names of the project(s) associated with the automation
  • The creator of the automation
  • The automation activation toggle

From the options menu (three dots) on the right side of the automation card, you can choose to view & edit, duplicate, or delete the automation.

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Hovering over an automation card will also allow you to edit the automation. Click View & Edit Automation to make any changes. 

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Choosing to edit an automation will bring you to the Create Automations tab where you can update and amend the automation. 

Click Save to update the automation. 

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Filter options in the Manage Automations tab include: 

  • Search by description 
  • Show automations created by me
  • Show automations created by everyone 
  • Show all, active, or paused automations 
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In order to view your current usage of automations, click the Usage tab in the Automations modal. 

You will see how many actions you have used and how many are remaining for the month on your subscription plan. 

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For more information, see: Creating Automations