Within Teamwork Desk, you will see the Desk navigation bar running along the top of the screen regardless of what page you are on.

📝 This page relates to the Classic Desk navigation experience. Seeing something different? Check out our page about Teamwork Desk's navigation redesign which is currently being rolled out.

This is the area you will use to navigate the various areas of Teamwork Desk.

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Home - The Home area gives you access to inboxes, activity and insights.

Tickets -  A list of the tickets you have received to your inbox or inboxes.

Help Docs - All help articles you have created for your customers.

Reports - The reports section is designed to give you an indication of the performance and volume of your tickets. 

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Search -  Within this you can enter a term which will search tickets, customers, companies and help docs.

Quick Add - Quickly add tickets, customers, smart inboxes, and companies from anywhere in your site. 

Chat - Embedded Chat allows you to use Teamwork Chat within all other Teamwork products as long as you have Teamwork Chat enabled for your account.

Notification Bell - You can easily keep up to date with your tickets, notes, happiness ratings or your team's activity, to mention a few, by using the notification bell.

Product Switcher - You can enable other Teamwork products such as Teamwork or Teamwork Chat using the product switcher, you can quickly switch between these products by choosing the icons from the dropdown menu.

Profile Icon - By selecting your profile icon to the far right you will have access to the areas below.

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  • View Profile - View your profile and edit details.
  • My Tickets - Brings you to your My Tickets section within the Tickets area. 
  • Help & Support - A link to the Teamwork Desk support pages.
  • Webinar Signup - Sign up for a live Teamwork Desk webinar with one of our experts.
  • What's New? - A list of recent updates made to Teamwork Desk.
  • Refer Teamwork - access your referral program history.
  • Settings - Gives you access to all settings within Teamwork Desk.
  • Log Out - Log out of your Teamwork Desk session.
For more information, see: Getting started