Within Teamwork Desk, you can use the site-level search to quickly find various items.

The search field is located to the right of the main navigation bar.

Quick search

When you click into the search field, a dropdown will open. As you start typing a search term into the search field, the quick search will return results in the dropdown. By default, it will search across all supported item types for matches to your search term.

The results are clickable and will bring you to the full view for that particular item (ticket, company, help doc, customer).

You can also refine your search by clicking one of the item types in the dropdown before entering your search term. The quick search will then return the top five matches for that item type.

Advanced search

You can select the Advanced Search option before or after entering a search term. This will bring you to the full search results view where you can move between separate tabs for each item type. Pressing Enter / Return on your keyboard will also bring you to the advanced search area.

You can also use advanced filters in the advanced search area to further refine your results based on a variety of properties. The filter options available will vary depending on the item type you are viewing (tickets, customers, companies, help docs).

Searching by item ID

If you know the ID of a ticket, customer, company, help docs site or article, you can enter the ID into the search field to find the item.

  • You can see the ticket ID at the top of the reply editor when viewing a ticket.
  • You can see the ID of other items in your site URL when viewing the individual item.

Supported search options for tickets

When searching for tickets, you can prefix your search term to focus your search on the subject, body, or associated email.

  • Subject / body:
    • Normal query - search based on close but not exact match.

    • Exact match

    • Boolean operators
      • Example: subject:quick brown +fox -hound
      • Example: body:(quick OR brown) AND fox
    • Proximity
      • Example: subject:"Gallon Milk"~2
  • Email:

Supported search options for customers

When searching for customers, can optionally search based on email address or customer ID.

  • Email - when your search term contains the @ character, it will search for matching email addresses.
  • Customer ID - use to search for a specific customer
    • Example: 271602

For more information, see: Using Filters in Search