Within Teamwork Desk, you can change the appearance of your customer portal to match your website or company colors.

If you have not set up your customer portal yet, you can follow the getting started guide.

Click your profile icon to the top right of the navigation bar and select Settings.

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Go to the Customer Portal subsection of the settings area and select Appearance from the left sidebar.

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The Appearances section covers three areas:

  • Styles
  • Colors
  • Assets


You can create a new appearance for the customer portal or use the styles that you have added to your help docs.

If you choose to use the New Styles option the color selector section will appear under the style section. 

If you choose to use the style from a current help doc then the colors will not appear and the relevant help doc style will be used instead.

Note: That if you do not have any help doc sites setup then the only option will be to select New Styles.

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You can select the colors as required from the selector as shown below.

Note: When setting colors ensure to set contrasting colors. For example if you set the navigation background to white and the navigation color to white, you will not be able to see the navigation text however it will be there if you hover over it.

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The assets section will allow you to add a logo and favicon in the following formats - png, jpg, gif and upload a custom stylesheet if you have New Styles selected in the style section. 

By default your company logo will be displayed in the customer portal.

To upload a new logo click on the Upload Icon button and choose the relevant logo in one of the formats mentioned above.

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You can add a new favicon by selecting the Upload favicon option. This will add a favicon/shortcut icon to the browser tab when using the customer portal. 

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To upload a stylesheet click on the Upload Stylesheet button and select the associated .css file.

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