Within Teamwork Desk, a person can be CC’d or BCC’d on an email thread either from the original email sent by the customer, or after being added by an agent.

The option for CC/BCC can be found to the right of the Forward option when you click into the reply area while viewing an individual ticket.

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Clicking the Cc or Bcc options will add a corresponding field to the reply editor, below the To field.

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When you add more than one address to the Cc or Bcc field, a number count will display to the right of the first address which you can hover over to view the additional addresses.

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Note: The To field is automatically populated with the current customer associated with the ticket. This can only be altered by changing the associated customer.

CC behavior in Teamwork Desk

If an agent removes a person from the CC list on a ticket, they will no longer be included in new messages.

  • However, if the CC’d person replies to an earlier email for the ticket they will then be re-added to the CC field, and will once again be included in all messages. 

If a customer sends a reply with fewer or no CC address, Teamwork Desk will forward the message to all the CC addresses that are missing. Only an agent can remove addresses from the CC list.

If edits have been made to the CC or BCC by a recipient, Teamwork Desk will provide an information banner to allow the agent to review CC and BCC recipients before sending. 

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Most incoming emails should be added to the CC list. For example, if foo@example.com is the ticket’s customer and bar@example.net replies to the ticket, then bar@example.net will be added as a CC and further replies will be sent to that address until it’s manually removed from the CC list by an agent.

Inbox addresses will never be automatically added as a CC, nor will the address of the agent sending the email (this restriction is in place to prevent mail from looping).

  • Agents can turn on an auto follow option in their profile settings, which will automatically add them as a follower to tickets where they have been added as a CC recipient.
Note: Replies to emails generated using Auto CC are added to the thread as replies, not notes, and will be sent to the customer.

CC behavior for agent replies sent via their personal email account

When an agent replies to a ticket via their personal email account instead of Teamwork Desk, any addresses included as CC in the reply will be checked against agent email addresses in the Teamwork Desk account.

  • If an address matches an existing agent's primary email address, that agent will be added as a follower on the ticket and their CC will be removed.

CC behavior for the Customer Portal

Any email addresses included as CC in a reply on a thread will be displayed below the author's name in that reply.

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If a customer with permission to view their company's tickets in the Customer Portal replies to a ticket they do not own, they will automatically be added to the CC field of that ticket. You will see a note in the CC/BCC section alerting you that the customer has followed the ticket.

BCC behavior

If a person is removed from the BCC list on a ticket and this person replies to a message sent to them as a BCC, that person will be re-added to the BCC list.

Recipient limits

In order to prevent spam and system abuse, Teamwork Desk limits unverified accounts to 10 total recipients per ticket and verified accounts to 50 recipients per ticket. You can verify your domain by adding DNS records.

Creating new tickets from existing tickets

When creating a new ticket from a reply in an existing ticket thread, you will have the option to include or exclude any addresses listed as CCs on the original thread. The addresses will be excluded by default. Once a CC address is toggled on, it will be automatically added to the new ticket once created.

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For more information, see: Setting up Email Forwarding