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Within Teamwork.com, you can use project custom fields to save custom details associated with your projects.

In order to use custom fields at project level, they will first need to be created by a site administrator or user with permission to manage custom fields.

Setting custom fields when creating a project

When creating a new project, you can apply custom fields in the Advanced Options step.

Using the Select Field dropdown, you can select which existing custom field(s) to set for the project.

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Once you have selected a custom field, you can set the associated value.

Note: There is no limit to the number of custom fields you can add to each project, but each custom field can only be applied once per project.

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For URL custom fields, click the Enter URL link to open a pop-up where you can set the web address and text to be displayed.

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Setting custom fields on an existing project

When viewing an existing project, click the three dots to the right of the project name and select Edit project details in the Manage Project tab of the dropdown menu.

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Go to the Advanced Options step where you can choose a custom field to assign to the project.

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Viewing custom fields on a project

Existing custom fields applied to a project can be viewed via the project's Dashboard section.

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In the project details pane on the left of the Dashboard section, each existing custom field will be displayed individually.

  • You will see the custom field name and the currently selected value.
  • The custom fields will be displayed in the order they have been applied to the project.
  • For URL custom fields, the link will be clickable and will open in a new browser tab when clicked.

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All users with access to the project will be able to see the applied custom fields in the Dashboard area.

When no value is selected for a custom field that is applied to a project, it will appear with an option to Set Field for project administrators and site administrators.

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For standard users, it will be displayed as Not Set.

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Editing custom fields on a project

In the project details pane, you can hover over a custom field to reveal an Edit option.

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Note: Only project administrators and site administrators can edit custom fields on a project.

This will bring you to the Advanced Options step of the Edit a Project modal where you can manage the custom fields.

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Note: If you are editing a project that has a dropdown custom field whose selected value is no longer available in the site settings, you will be prompted to choose another value before saving the edited project.

For dropdown custom fields, click the displayed to the right of the currently selected value to remove it. The dropdown will reopen where you can select an alternative value. You can also click out of the dropdown and have no value set. For text and number fields, remove the current information to leave the field blank.

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You can also hover over a custom field and click the to the far right to remove the custom field from the project entirely.

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Site administrators in the owner company can: 

Project administrators can set, update, and remove custom fields on existing projects.

Users with permission to manage custom fields can access the Custom Fields section of the site settings to manage existing custom fields and create new ones.

Users with permission to add projects can apply custom fields when creating a project.

For more information, see: Creating Project Custom Fields

1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Pro, Premium, Enterprise.