Within Teamwork, you can use categories to group items in your site, such as projects, files, and other items in your projects.

Categories help you store items in a way that make them easier to find what you're looking for, or see a particular selection of items all together.

You can have different categories for each type of item. Your project categories do not need to be the same as your file categories, for example. Categories can also vary for each individual project.

Category item counts

A project or project item can only be in one category or sub-category at a time.

For each category in a category list you will see a count of the number of items it holds. When you have top-level categories with sub-categories, this number will change depending on:

  • When the sub-categories are collapsed/hidden, the top-level category count reflects any items in the main category, plus items items in any sub-categories.
  • When the sub-categories are expanded/visible, only the items directly in the main category are included in its count, excluding sub-category items. Each sub-category has its own item count.

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For more information, see: Managing Categories for Project Items