Within Teamwork Projects, you can view a project's summary page in the project's Overview section.

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In the project summary, you can see various sections for items within your project.


This section is split to show tasks assigned to one particular person, and all tasks on the project.

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Tasks show up under the totals based on their start and due dates:

: task due date has passed
Started: start date has passed, and no due date 
Today: start date is anytime/no start date, and due date is today
Upcoming: start date is anytime/no start date, and due date is within next 14 days
No date: no start or due dates

You can also see a representation of those totals in the circle to show the overall proportion of each status. The green bar at the bottom represents the proportion of completed tasks.

Clicking any of the totals, any section of the circle, or the green bar will show the tasks that come under that section in a quick view panel where you can interact with them directly.

If you'd like to change whose tasks are shown on the left, you can choose another person in the settings available from the summary settings available from the options (three dots) button in the top right of the Overview area.


Milestone totals are shown in sections based on their dates.

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Late: milestone date has passed
Today: date is today
Upcoming: date is within next 30 days

The totals and charts are also clickable to show the milestones list in a quick view panel.


Within the board view you can see which boards have been created and how many cards are active on each. To the right of column it will show how many you have and also there is an active and completed box for all columns.

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You can see a short list of recent updates in the digest area, so you can see totals and jump straight to those in a quick view panel.

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You can choose what period to show a summary of project time for using the menu to the top right of the time section.

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You can switch between showing just your own time logs, or all time on the project.

The blue bar in the time section indicates the proportion of billable hours on completed invoices, and you can see a breakdown underneath of billed/unbilled/billable/non-billable time for either yourself or everyone on the project.


The breakdown shows the total number and proportion of active tasks that are assigned to each person on the project.
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Just like the other areas in the summary, you can click each total to see a list in the quick view panel.

If you wish you can switch between viewing the breaking by the number of tasks assigned or by estimated time per tasks.

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Popular tags

The 5 tags used most frequently on your tasks will be shown with a note of the proportion of tasks they are on.

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When you hover over a tag, you will see a total number for tasks using that tag. Clicking each one will show a list of the tasks with those tags in the quick view panel.

Project trend

A graph represents the status of the project over time, with blue showing the remaining tasks, green for the number of completed tasks and orange for a count of the activity items - letting you see when there were lots of updates to the project on a specific day, or when it's been inactive.

Hovering over any line along the timeline shows you counts for each trend on that date.

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You can see totals of each type of person on the project, and a list of the profile images for each person, listed grouped by company with icons to show if they are a site owner, site administrator, project administrator, contact or observer.

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If you hover over each profile image, you'll see a quick view of their details and a link to start a conversation directly with them in Teamwork Chat.

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Note: Only owner company administrators, project administrators and users with the view people permission will see the People on this project area of the Overview section. 

Project summary settings

You can change what shows up in certain sections of the project summary through the settings, available by clicking the Customize option in the top tight corner of the project Overview area. 

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In the customize area, you can choose:

  • Tasks & milestones - select a person to show their items on the left of those sections
  • Time - select a person to show their hours, and select a period to filter time logs by
  • Events - choose a range for the period you'd like to include events for in the digest
  • People - choose whether to list people on the project with 'Observer' status (note - people in external companies won't see observers regardless)
Click Finished button to apply your filters.

The summary settings can also be accessed when quick viewing a project, select the settings cog to access in this view.

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The summary settings here will open within the quick view section.

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You can also view a projects summary by using keyboard shortcut v when hovering over a project name in the projects list.

For more information, see: Viewing project details in the overview