Within Teamwork, you can view the project time budget history for a project via the Overview tab.

Note: Project time budgets are available on the per-user Premium subscription plan and above.

While viewing a project, go to the Overview tab and select the Summary subsection.

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At the bottom of the summary, you will see a Project Budget panel. The current budget details will be displayed in the Project Budget section on the left. This includes remaining hours of the budget, total budget hours, and budget usage.

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Note: Only site admins, project admins, and users with permission to view the project budget can see the budget and budget history in the Overview Summary. Users will also need permission to View Time Log enabled for the project in order to have permission to view the project budget enabled.

You can hover over the Budget Usage bar to see the exact percentage. Clicking this bar will open a quick view panel detailing the individual time records that make up the current usage.

Click the three dots at the top of the current budget to access additional options to edit or delete the budget or add a new one.

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The Budget History will show you a list of the previous budgets applied to the project. The current budget will be indicated with a blue dot. To the right of each entry, you can see the associated budget usage percentage.

Clicking a budget entry will open a quick view panel with a graphical representation of the budget. Hovering over a point in the graph will show the total hours usage at that date.

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For more information, see: Setting a Project Budget