Within Teamwork, you can create new projects in the site-level Projects area or in the My Projects subsection of the Home area of your site. 

Click + Add Project button in the top right to open the Add Project modal.

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You can set a project name and description, add people, and enable project features.

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A project description will appear in the left sidebar of a project's Overview area.

You can use the other tabs to set up the rest of the options for the project:

  • Company: You can associate a project with your owner company, or with an external company, which will allow you to group and filter projects in other areas. You can also create a new external company here.
  • People: Choose people or teams to add to the project as you create it. You will also be able to adjust the project members via the project settings once created.
    • Note: A client user can only be a member of up to 5 active projects associated with their external company.
    • Project owner - once you select users in the People tab, you will be able to choose one of them to be the owner of the project. A client user can be the owner of a project where they are a member.
  • Features: Select which features you'd like to enable for this project, if you switch them on here the section for that feature will be visible from the project menu bar
  • Dates: Set a start and end date for your project that will show in the overview, and in the project chart
  • Advanced: Here you can choose a category and tags for your project - both of these functions help to sort and filter when you're working with multiple projects
Once you have added the relevant details, click Add Project to create and view your new project. You can then start adding task lists and tasks and using the other project features that you have enabled.

You can also create a project from an existing project template using the Choose Template option. 

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Note: Only site administrators and users with permission to add projects can create new projects on your site. 

For more information, see: Inviting people to your Teamwork site