Within Teamwork, you can use the dedicated Budgets area to view and manage budgets and other financial aspects of your project.

Note: The Budgets area is available on per-user Grow/Premium subscriptions and above.

Site administrators, project administrators, and users with permission to view project budget can access this area.

  • Users will also need permission to manage project budget to have edit access.
  • The project profitability panel is only available to owner company site administrators.

Go to the Finance tab of a project and select the Budgets subsection.

The Budgets area is divided into subsections allowing you to manage different components of your project's finances.

  • Project budget - set a time budget or financial budget for the project.
  • Task list budgets - set child budgets for individual task lists on the project.
    • Task list budgets inherit the project budget type (time or financial) and count towards the project budget usage.
    • Task list budgets are available on Scale subscriptions.
  • Project profitability - track the project's overall profitability.
  • Budget expenses - budget for once-off and other fixed costs relating to your project.

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Project budget

You can view your current project budget, timeline, and usage on the left side of the Budgets area. 

Note: If an existing budget's start date is in the future, it will not be displayed until that date has arrived.

Hovering over the budget timeline will display details of how much of your budget has been used by a certain date and a total billable cost. Depending on your project permissions, you can also manage the budget directly from this view.

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Task list budgets

Accounts on Scale subscriptions can create budgets for each task list on a project. These budgets inherit the project budget type (time or financial) and contribute towards the project budget usage.

The task list budgets panel shows all of a project’s existing task list budgets.

  • Each task list budget row displays the corresponding task list, total budget value, % progress to full usage.
  • View budget time logs opens the time logs window and shows all time logs associated with active budgets.
  • Assign task list budget opens the task list budgets window where you can modify each budget's value.
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Project profitability 

The project profitability section allows you to track the overall cost, billable total, and profit for the project. This calculated based on the billable total minus the total cost for the current date range. 

Note: The project profitability panel is only available to owner company site administrators.

You can use the profit toggle to display the profit column as a currency amount or percentage of cost that the profit represents.

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Accounts on Scale subscriptions will have an additional option to View profitability report which will bring you directly to the site-level profitability report

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Budget expenses

The budget expenses section allows you to add expenses to a project's budget to account for any additional individual costs that maybe required beyond logged time.

Expenses added to a financial budget will be taken into account when calculating the project's budget usage however, they will not be reflected in time budgets.

Note: Expenses added to the Billing area of your project do not relate to budget expenses and work independently of project budgets.

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For more information, see: Managing Project Budgets