Within Teamwork, you can post new messages to your projects to notify team members of relevant information.

To add a message, go to the Messages tab of your project and click the Add a Message button in the top right.

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In the message editor area, you can add your message subject and content, and choose:

  • Who should be notified - select who to notify via email
  • Category - which category the message belongs to
  • Privacy - who can view the message
    • Privacy can be set to individuals, specific companies, or teams.
  • Files - attach files
  • Tags - add a tag

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You can also mention users, companies, and teams directly in the message contents. Once mentioned, they will automatically be added to the to be notified section at the bottom of the message area.

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When you click Post Message, it will be added to the Messages area of the project and notifications will be sent to the users you have selected in the notify section.

Note: When a parent team is selected to be notified, members of subteams will also be notified.

For more information, see: Editing or Deleting Messages