Within Teamwork.com, you can view activity and items across all your projects in the Everything section of your site.

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The Everything section is broken down into various subsections:

  • Tasks - shows a list of tasks that are active across all projects. 
  • Completed Tasks - shows a list of all completed tasks across projects. 
  • Milestones - shows all milestones across all projects. 
  • Messages - shows all messages across all projects. 
  • Comments - shows all comments across all projects. 
  • Files - view all added files across all projects. 
  • Notebooks - shows all notebooks across all projects. 
  • Risks - view all risks across all projects.
  • Links - view all links added to all projects. 

Note: You will only see items you have the permissions to view within the Everything section.

For more information, see: Reporting Options for Teamwork.com