Within Teamwork.com, the Tasks section of the Everything area shows you all active tasks across all projects.

From this view you can run reports, complete tasks, log time, add comments or edit them just like you would in the tasks section within a project. 

To view Active Tasks, click the More option in the main navigation menu on the left of your site and select Everything.

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In the Everything area, select the Tasks tab from the horizontal menu.

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You can filter the tasks listed here, by:

  • Start or due within a particular period
  • People they are assigned to
  • Tags on the tasks
  • Whether the tasks were assigned by you, anyone, or whether you are following them
You can also sort the list of tasks by:

  • Start date
  • Due date
  • Date added
  • Project
  • Priority
  • Company (for the project the tasks are in)
When you have set filters to show a specific set of tasks, you can export this to PDF or Excel.

You can also generate a link to share the filter with your team so they can load the same report easily.

It is possible to bulk edit tasks from multiple projects across your site.