Within Teamwork Desk, you can view the whole message thread when your customer is responding by editing the quoted text section of the email.

To view the thread in its entirety navigate to the right hand side of the ticket, click the three dots and select Show Original from the dropdown menu. 

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Once selected, a quick view pane will open on the right of the screen:

  • The Preview tab will show you the original content of the message, as sent by the customer
  • The Headers tab details particular routing information of the message, including the sender, recipient, date and subject.
  • The Download button at the top will download a copy of the original EML file.
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Teamwork Desk recognizes replies from the customer that are written above the designated line of reply (before any previous messages in the email thread) and handles them as a new reply to the ticket. 

Note: Any content posted within previous messages in the email thread is considered by Desk as being part of the original message. To reduce the clutter of the ticket thread, changes made here are not created as a new reply in the ticket thread.

For more information, see: Checking Ticket Delivery Status