Within Teamwork Desk, you can quickly view a ticket's attached files.

Files attached to replies and any images sent inline within a reply (that aren't part of a signature) are added to the Attachments tab.
📝 Images embedded inline in an email signature are only added to a ticket's Attachments tab once.

While viewing an individual ticket, select the Attachments tab.

The list includes all of the ticket's current attachments and their corresponding details:
  • Name: The attached file's name.
  • Added: The date the file was added.
  • By: Who added the file.
  • Size: File's size in KB/MB.

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Preview or download

Hover over any file for additional options for previewing or downloading the file.

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You can also use the Download all button at the bottom of the list of attachments to download a ZIP file of all of the files.

  • A 20MB attachment limit applies. If your attachments are greater than this, the message will not be sent and you will see an alert in the bottom right of your account.

Delete attachments

Site administrators have an additional option to delete attachments when hovering over the file.

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Select the trash can icon, then click Confirm or Cancel.

Deleted files are removed from the Attachments tab of the ticket and cannot be restored.

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⚠️ If an attachment originated in an email on the thread, the file may still be accessible in the original EML via the show original option.

For more information, see: Viewing Ticket Activity