Within Teamwork Desk, your customers can submit tickets through your customer portal.

Once you have enabled and set up your customer portal, your customers can then contact you by selecting Submit a Request to the top right of your support page.

The customer will then be presented with your contact form. The contact form includes the following default fields:

  • Subject
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Description
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Note: If you have created any custom fields for an inbox, you can choose whether this field should be visible and editable by the customer.

Once your customer has submitted a ticket to your inbox, they can then sign in/create an account to log in and view their submitted tickets.

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They will see five areas of information:

  • Ticket number - Each individual request is given its own ticket number for reference
  • Subject - The subject entered by the customer
  • Create at - When the ticket was created
  • Updated at - Last update on the ticket whether from the customer or support team
  • Status - Current status of the ticket
The customer can then click on the ticket number or subject title to view the ticket.

When viewing the ticket, they will have the option to submit new information or further detail to the ticket thread using the text entry to the center of the page.

They can also mark the ticket as solved on their side by ticking Please consider this request solved and choosing Submit.

  • Note: Customers cannot select the Please consider this request solved option when replying to tickets created by other members of their company.
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You can also enable various ticket details to show here when setting up your customer portal under Customer Permissions.

The customer can then adjust the properties of the accessible details.

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Note: If any existing custom fields for the associated inbox have been set as visible or editable for customers, they will also be displayed in the ticket view in the Customer Portal.

To the bottom of the page, the ticket thread can be viewed. Replies from both the customer and support team can be viewed here.

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If a customer has permission to view company tickets, they will also have access to a Company Tickets tab when they log in. As with their own tickets, they can submit replies to company tickets through the Portal.

Ticket limits and attachments

  • Characters: Each reply on a ticket is limited to a total of 1,038,336 characters.
    • Quoted content included in a reply counts towards the character limit.
    • When a reply exceeds the limit, you will be given an option to send the reply without the quoted content.
  • Content: Each reply or note is limited to a total content size of 5MB.
  • Attachments: Each reply has a 20MB total size limit for attachments.
    • This same limit also applies when merging tickets into a single ticket thread.
    • Most file types are supported in ticket attachments as long as they fall within the 20MB limit.
    • Attachments from previous messages in the ticket will be added as links into the body of the message. These files will be available for download by anyone with the link and expire after 30 days.