Within Teamwork Desk, you can create an embeddable contact form to allow your customers to send you a message directly from your website.

When a customer uses the form, a ticket will be created automatically in your Desk inbox.

To enable this, click your profile icon to the top right of the navigation bar and select Settings.

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In the Settings area, select the Apps tab and click View under the Embeddable Contact Forms section.

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If you do not have any existing forms, you will see a Create your first form option in the middle of the contact forms area. Alternatively, you can use the Add contact form button in the upper right corner.

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When creating the form, you will first need to give it a name. You can then select which inbox(es) to apply the contact form to.

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Once you click save, you can customize the contact form's appearance. Hover over the relevant property and click the edit pencil to update.

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Name - Enter a name for the form.

Position - Choose where on your website the contact form should appear(top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right).

Theme - Select a dark or light theme.

Accent color - Update the submit button color on the form.

Trigger color - Change the color of the help icon that opens the contact form.

  • For both the accent and trigger colors, click the current color to edit and set a new one. You can either add in a new hex code value, or select a color from the pop-up color palette.
Inboxes - Select which inboxes you would like to allow customers to submit tickets to.

Help Docs - Add a search option to allow customers search your Help Docs sites and articles in the contact widget before submitting a ticket.

When making your visual changes via the options above you will a preview being updated to the right of the page. This is how it will display to your customers.

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For each individual form property you update, click the associated Save button.

Once you have completed your customization, you can then copy the generated JavaScript code at the bottom of the page and embed it in your website.

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Ticket limits and attachments

When someone submits a response via your embeddable contact form, a new ticket will be created in the associated inbox in Teamwork Desk.

  • Ticket sizes are limited to 25MB.
  • Total attachment size for a ticket is limited to 20MB.
    • Most file types are supported in ticket attachments as long as they fall within the 20MB total attachment limit for the ticket.