Within Teamwork Desk, your customers can use live chat to instantly message your team to resolve issues and provide information in real time. 

Note: The Live Chat feature is available on Pro subscriptions and above.

Once live chat has been enabled and set up on individual Help Docs sites on your account, your customers will see an additional live chat contact option in the embeddable contact form widget.

Customers will need to click the help icon to open the widget. 

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When a customer selects the Chat option, they will be prompted to enter an email address. This is required in order to start a conversation.

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Following email entry, the customer can type their query in the live chat message field and click the send arrow or press Enter on their keyboard to submit the message.

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Customers can also use the paperclip icon in the message field to browse and attach a local file to their replies

Note: There is a maximum file size limit of 20MB for attachments.

Once the conversation has completed, the customer can use the exit door icon in the top right of the chat window to leave the conversation. 

They will receive a confirmation alert to end the chat, which will also display the email address a chat transcript will be sent to.

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For more information, see: Using Live Chat