Within Teamwork Desk, you can archive agents to remove their access to your site while maintaining an option to restore them in the future.

Note: Archiving an agent will not remove them from your subscription. To prevent future charges for archived agents, you will also need to update your subscription.

Once an agent is archived, they will no longer have access to your Desk site. Their tickets will remain assigned to them, however they will be removed from any trigger conditions or smart inboxes.

Archiving an agent

In the People area of your site, go to the Agents tab and click the name of the agent you want to archive.

While viewing the agent's profile, click the Edit Profile button in the top right.

Scroll to the bottom of the agent details view and select the Archive agent option.

When you click archive, the confirmation modal will detail any existing triggers, smart inboxes, or ticket templates where the agent is included. Each triggersmart inbox, and template is clickable and will open a quick view with the corresponding details which you can update.

Click the Archive agent button at the bottom of the confirmation modal to compete the process.

Restoring an archived agent´╗┐

Archived agents can be restored at any time. Once restored, an agent will:

  • Be reinstated as a part-time agent by default.
    • If you have available paid seats in your Teamwork Desk subscription, you can update the agent's profile to full time once restored. Otherwise, you will need to first update your subscription to add an additional seat.
  • Immediately have the ability to log in to your Teamwork Desk site once restored.
  • Regain all other permissions and access they previously had prior to being archived.

In the Agents area of your site, archived agents will be hidden by default. Click the filters button in the top right and go to the Type filter. Select the checkbox to the left of the Include Archived Agents option to include any archived agents in the results.

Archived agents will be shown greyed out, however they are still clickable to view their profile.

While viewing the agent's profile, click the Restore Agent option at the bottom of the agent details pane on the left.

You will then be asked to confirm before the agent is restored.

For more information, see: Working with Archived Agents