Within Teamwork Desk, you can archive agents to remove their access to your site while maintaining an option to restore them in the future.

Note: Archiving an agent will not remove them from your subscription. To prevent future charges for archived agents, you will also need to update your subscription.

Understanding archived agents

Once an agent is archived:

  • The agent will no longer be able to log in to your Teamwork Desk site.
  • The agent's profile will remain but will not be editable.
    • The agent details pane on the left side of the agent profile will include details about who archived the agent and when they were archived, as well as an option to restore the agent.
  • References to the agent's name will remain in areas such as tickets, activity, ticket history, and reports.
  • Any tickets assigned to the agent will remain assigned to them.
    • If a new customer response is received on a ticket in the future, the ticket will be automatically unassigned and added to the inbox's New section.
    • If you want to reassign an archived agent's existing tickets, you can use the bulk edit function to reassign multiple at once.
  • The agent will be removed from any conditions or actions on existing triggers.
    • It is important to review the triggers highlighted in the confirmation modal before or after archiving an agent to ensure that workflows have not been interrupted.
  • The agent will be removed from any smart inboxes they were previously associated with, therefore tickets returned based on the smart inbox conditions may change.

Archiving and restoring agents

Agents can be archived or restored via the agent's profile.

To archive, click the Edit Profile button in the top right then scroll to the bottom of the agent details view and select the Archive agent option.

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To restore an already archived agent, click the Restore Agent option at the bottom of the agent details pane on the left.

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Reporting on archived agents

When viewing ticket and agent related sections of the Reports area, archived agents will be excluded by default.

You can use the filters pane to include archived agents in the source information populating the reports.

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People area

When viewing the Agents area of your site, archived agents will not be shown by default. 

Click the filters button in the top right and go to the Type filter. Select the checkbox to the left of the Include Archived Agents option to include any archived agents in the results.

Archived agents will be shown greyed out, however they are still clickable to view their profile.

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For more information, see: Bulk Edit Options