Within Teamwork, you can filter the tasks showing in the tasks list view on your project.

Click the filters button in the top right to open the filters pane.

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Note: Attached milestones will not be displayed under their associated task list when a filter is applied in this view.


You can use this to filter your results down to the search term entered.

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Assigned To

Filter by which tasks are assigned to a specific user or users.

You also have the option here to include items from deleted users.

  • When this is selected, deleted users will then appear in the Assigned To dropdown.

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When setting the date, you can choose to see results for when the task is due using the set time frames found within the drop-down. You can also choose to view tasks that are late.

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You can also choose to see results from a set date range or you can choose a custom date range.

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When choosing a custom date range, a within_days range, or any range that is in the future you will have three further options to choose from:

  • Include late tasks - If selected this will show overdue tasks in your search.
  • Include tasks with no date - If selected this will show tasks with no start date or due date. 
  • Ignore start dates - If selected this will show tasks with only a due date within the date parameters. 


You can choose to filter projects by the tags associated with them. You can apply more than one tag when filtering results. You can filter any results that include one or more matching tags.

  • Alternatively, you can select the Match all tags option which will then only return results which include all selected tags.

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When you select Show more options, you will see options to:

  • Select certain tags you wish to exclude from the results.
    • If you have Match all excluded tags enabled, only tasks with none of the selected excluded tags will be shown.
  • Show only untagged items in the results
Note: You can choose tags to include and exclude in the same filter.


You can choose to filter by priority. This can help you to focus in on tasks that may need more attention than others on the project.

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Board Columns

You can choose to filter tasks that are only included on specific board columns.

Alternatively, select the no column option to filter the results to only tasks without an associated column.

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Created By

Similarly to followers you can choose to only show tasks that have been created by a specific user or users.

You also have the option here to include items from deleted users.

  • When this is selected, deleted users will then appear in the Created By dropdown.

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Date Created 

You can also filter by creation date, with different date range options.

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These options include:

  • Anytime
  • Yesterday
  • Today
  • This week
  • Last week
  • This month
  • Last month
  • Last 3 months
  • Last 6 months
  • Within the previous _ days
  • Custom date range

When using the custom date range option, you can choose created after and created before dates to set the range.

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  • Include blocked tasks - if you choose include blocked tasks, you can show or hide tasks that are blocked from being completed by subtasks or dependencies
  • Include completed tasks
  • Include subtasks
  • Only tasks with Desk tickets
    • When this option is selected, only tasks that are currently associated with a ticket from Desk will be displayed
  • Include only tasks with unread comments

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You can also drag and drop the various areas of the filter to change the layout to your liking.

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Save Filter

You can choose to save any filter you have created for use at a later time. This will then appear within the Saved Filters section of filter right pane.

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You can also change quickly between saved filters by clicking the filter name to the top of the page.

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Note: Only users on paid subscriptions can save filters.

For more information, see: Filtering