Within Teamwork, you can filter the results for messages that have been created by users across multiple projects on your site.

In the Everything area of your site, go to the Messages tab.

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Click the filters button in the top right to open the filters pane.

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You can use this to filter your results down to the search term entered.


You can filter the results to only display messages from certain projects.

  • All projects - show messages for all projects.
  • Any project - choose specific projects to filter by.

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You can choose to only show messages that have been written by specific users.

Additional options:

  • Include deleted users - show deleted users in the Author dropdown.

Created Date 

Filter the results based on when messages were created using one of the default time frames or a custom date range.

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You can also set a custom date range or a within_days timeframe.


Filter the messages by the tags associated with them, applying one or multiple tags.

Select the Match all tags option to only display messages that include all of the selected tags. 


You can filter messages by who was notified of the message.


  • Show starred projects - show only messages posted to projects you have starred.
  • Show unread messages only - exclude any messages you have already read.

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You can also drag and drop the various areas of the filter to change the layout to your liking.

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Saving filters

You can choose to save any filter you have created for use at a later time. This will then appear within the Saved Filters section of filter right pane.

You can also change quickly between saved filters by clicking on the filter name to the top of the page.

Note: Only users on paid subscriptions can save filters.

For more information, see: Filtering