Within Teamwork.com, your account comes with a storage allocation which is used to store files uploaded to your site.

Note: The available space you have for uploading files is related to your subscription.

File limits

  • Individual files of up to 2GB each can be uploaded.
  • 📝 Uploading large files can take some time and is dependent on your internet connection and available upload speeds.
  • Files uploaded to archived projects count towards storage usage.
  • 💡 Reactivate a project and delete the files it contains to free up storage.
  • Files linked to a project from a third-party file platform such as Google Drive or SharePoint do not count towards storage usage.
  • Files uploaded to proofs do not count towards storage usage.

View your remaining storage

View the remaining file storage space across all of your projects from the Files area of any project.

  1. Click Jump to in Teamwork.com's main navigation menu.
  2. Search for and select a project.
  3. Switch to the project's Files section. The Files tab might be hidden under the More... option.
  4. Scroll to the File Space section of the panel on the Files area's left.

The File Space section details the space used by files uploaded in the current project as well as the overall usage across all projects and remaining storage.

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Usage report

Administrators can see a summary Usage Report of all projects and how much space each uses, in your Subscription settings.

  1. Select your profile avatar from Teamwork.com's main navigation menu.
  2. Select Subscription from the pop-out menu.

  3. Scroll to the Your Subscription plan summary.
  4. Click the % available link under your storage limit to view the usage report.
    📝 The usage report shows a breakdown of each project and its current storage usage.

  5. Select Export to PDF to download a copy of the report.
  6. Click Finished to return to your subscription summary.

Additional file storage

Accounts on paid annual subscriptions can purchase additional file storage.

If you would like to discuss your storage upgrade options, please contact our Sales team.

For more information, see: Upgrading Your Teamwork.com Subscription