Within Teamwork.com, you can use tags to quickly categorize and organize your project items, such as tasks, milestones, files, and time logs.

In your Teamwork.com site, you can add tags to:

  • Tasks 
  • Milestones
  • Messages
  • Files
  • Time logs
  • Notebooks
  • Links
  • Projects

For some project items, the tag icon will always be visible. On other items such as tasks, hover over the item to reveal the tag icon.

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In Table view, tags can be managed in the dedicated Tags column. Hover over the tag field and click the icon to open the tag picker dropdown. Once you select a tag in the list, it will be applied to the task.

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When you click the tag icon, you will be able to select one of the existing tags from the list. If project-specific tags already exist on the project, these will be displayed at the top of the list. You can use the Show/Hide option to display the available site-wide tags.

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You can also search for an existing tag by typing in the Add tag field at the top of the tags list. If the tag name you search for doesn't return any results, you will see an option to Create new tag

Depending on your subscription, you may also see an option to set the tag as project specific.

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  • There is a 50-character limit per tag.
  • A maximum of 20 tags can be applied to individual tasks. All other items (ex. projects, milestones, messages) can have up to 8 tags.
  • If a task that is set to repeat has tags applied, those tags will carry over to future repeats once created.
  • Collaborators cannot add tags to projects or project items.
  • The ability to create new tags is dependent on your site settings.
✔  Project specific tags are available on Grow and Scale subscriptions 1


If you are creating a task, you can also add the shortcode #tagname to the task name to tag the task quickly.

If you are logging time on the desktop timer or using the log time button on the time section of a project, you can also use the shortcode #tagname in the description to add the tag. 

Removing a tag from an item

To remove a tag currently applied to a project item, hover over the tag and click the x to the right of the tag name.

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1. Also available on legacy subscriptions: Premium, Enterprise.