Within Teamwork Projects you can use shortcuts when creating new filters within areas of your site or project.

In any area where you can enter a search term, such as the keyword area within the filtering right pane, you can use these shortcuts.


To pick a project quickly you can enter " / " which will allow you to select a project and it will then appear in the project area of the filter.


If you wish to quickly set the priority of a filter related to tasks you can enter " ! " in the keyword search area to set this. It will then appear under the priority area of the filter.

Date Range

If you would like to set a particular date range you can use " [ " and select from the dropdown. The selected range will then appear in the date area where you can enter the custom date or within days amount.


You can quickly select tags by entering " # " into the keyword area and you can apply the tag from the list that populates. The tag will then appear in the tags area of the filter right pane.


You can use the " @ " symbol to quickly choose specific users who you wish to view projects items for.

For more information, see: Filtering