Within Teamwork Projects you can view activity and items across all your projects in the Everything section of your site.

Within the Everything section you can choose from various areas covered below:

Active Tasks - Shows a list of tasks that are active across all projects.

Completed Tasks - Shows a list of all completed tasks across projects.

Milestones - Shows all milestones across all projects.

Messages - Shows all messages across all projects.

Comments - Shows all comments across all projects.

Notebooks - Shows all notebooks across all projects.

Files - View all added files across all projects.

Links - View all links added to all projects.

Time - View all time across all project

Workload - Workload allows you to compare the totals of estimated time against logged time on all tasks assigned to a person on projects.

Note: You will only see items you have the permissions to view within the Everything section.

For more information, see: Reporting options for Teamwork Projects