Within Teamwork Projects, you can add users to your site individually via the People section.

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In the top right of this section, click the Add button and choose Add User from the dropdown menu.

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The Add User option allows you to create an individual user on your site and populate all of their details without necessarily sending them an invitation.

  • To add multiple users to your site at once, you can use the Invite Users option.
In the Add User modal, you can add email, name, company, and user type via the Essentials tab. At the bottom, you can toggle on or off the Send Invite option.

The other tabs in the modal allow you to add additional information about the user. You can use the Permissions tab to set the user's profile permissions.

Note: When using the Add User option, you will need to grant project access separately, via the user's profile.

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Essentials: The essentials tab is the main option required, when adding a user the only requirement that is mandatory is the user’s name and email. An email can only be used once per installation.

  • Other options here include selecting the company of which the user should be a part, adding a profile image, choosing whether to add as a standard user or collaborator and finally choosing whether to send the invite now or send it later.
Details: Extra details for the user; options here are Job title, Office phone, Cell Phone, Home Phone, Fax, Alternative email addresses, and Open ID.

Address: The person’s address.

Profile: The option to enter a public profile - text that will be visible to anyone who can see this person's details.

Notes: Private notes will only be visible to people in the owner company.

Social: Enter the user’s social handles; options here are Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Facebook, the users Website, and a choice of messenger services.

Permissions: Select the permissions you wish to give to the user:

  • Is this user an administrator? Select if you wish to make the user you are adding an administrator in the company they are added to. If they are added as an administrator, they will automatically have the option to add projects and manage people and companies. Note: if a person is an administrator in the owner company, they can see everything on the site, including private items.
  • Can this user add projects? Whether or not users can add projects to the site. When they add projects, they will be added as a project administrator on those projects.
  • Can this user manage task templates? Whether or not they can add or edit templates for task lists.  (They can access the templates from the options menu in the top right of the 'Tasks' area, or the task list options menu.)
  • Can this user manage people and companies? Whether or not the user can manage people and companies. Note - if the users are in the owner company, they will be able to view this area even without this permission. 
  • Can this user access the projects portfolio? Will give the user the option to view portfolio on a company projects.
    • When the above is enabled, a second option for Can this user manage the projects portfolio will become available which will allow them to edit items of the portfolio.
  • Give automatic access to all future projects? If this option is enabled, the user will automatically be made members of all projects that are added for their company.
    • For external company users, they will only be added to future projects created for their own company.
For more information, see: Users & Collaborators